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In our latest collaboration, De Marquet teamed up with Miami based jewellery designer Isabel Englebert to create a range of bespoke covers for the spectacular Night&Day bag. Its uniquely interchangeable top means that this gorgeous accessory can adapt to every woman’s look. 

The eleven styles are all one of a kind pieces that were handcrafted to appeal both women with a very particular taste and also those who style their look depending on the event. 

The bag featured heavily on the red carpet of this year’s Golden Globes ceremony. An assortment of celebs were snapped wearing Night&Day in a wide range of its many configurations.

Englebert, whose spectacular jewellery is inspired by arts, natural phenomena, social change and unique people amongst others, wanted to create covers for the Night&Day bag to represent the strong and unique women that would be wearing them. 

The Night&Day bag “Feathers”, created in cooperation with Isabel Englebert
Picture: Claire Painchaud

Some of the major inspirations for the special edition, Red Carpet Collection of the Night&Day covers were; Geometry & Artdeco, Runes, Moon Phases and important movements, such as “Me too”. 

Further collaborations between Isabel Englebert and De Marquet are already underway. We look forward to sharing more exciting and unique creations in 2019. 

The Night&Day Pre-Golden Globe Collection at the DPA Lounge in Los Angeles Picture: Claire Painchaud

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