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DE MARQUET (International)

Your go-to for any occasion, the Night&Day is what you make it. Choose from a selection of intricately designed covers and bases that you can switch up in just two-clicks.

Choose from a Set…

The Classic

De Marquet NightDay Beige Black Striped Cover Beige Base

The Wild

De Marquet NightDay Leopard Cover Black Base Silver

The Party

limited edition gold hm

…or Create Your Own

Choose your base

For a special night out, an everyday essential or a travel companion that complements every outfit in your suitcase, then explore our bases in colours for all occasions.

Choose your cover

Discover our range of intricately crafted covers. Designed with you in mind, each cover is made to be a real reflection of your personality.

Create your bag

Clip the covers, switch the bases and create a new bag to suit your mood.