DE MARQUET (International)

DPA Lounge Ann Down September  e

In September 2018, De Marquet went stateside to present the Night&Day bag collection to the US market for the first time. Nathalie Dubois’ Pre-Emmys DPA Gift Lounge, which caters to the nominees and stars of the film, tv and music industry in Hollywood, offered the perfect stage to enter this new and exciting market.

Meeting and presenting the Night&Day bag to stars such as Blanca Blanco, Carly Steel, Dascha Polanco, Naomie Grossman and many more was a great way to launch De Marquet in the US.

The Pre-Emmy gift suite was only the first in a row of DPA Lounges De Marquet attended. In 2019, De Marquet would be attending the DPA Lounges arranged in honor of the Golden Globes, the Oscars and the Césars.